Pet Therapy

Curious how I can help you and your pet?

Whether your pet has emotional issues causing unwanted behaviour or is suffering from poor health I can help bring you and your pet relief.

I work 1-on-1 with you and your pet, in person or virtually, providing a custom tailored coaching and support strategy with energy healing to help you resolve the issues at hand.

Solve your pet problems

Pet Behavior You Can Live With

You brought home your new dog, all starry eyed. You had visions of going on long walks, snuggling on the couch, and sharing your new love with friends and family.

Or you brought home your new cat, feeling all mushy inside. For you, your visions were of a cat purring contentedly on your lap when not merrily playing with your other pets.

Instead, you find yourself feeling stressed and worried. You still love your buddy like your own child, but life isn't what you expected.

Perhaps your dog howls, whines, and destroys your stuff when you leave him home alone. Or he barks non-stop when people come over. Or he's deathly afraid of men.

As for your cat, he's peeing outside the litter box. Or he hasn't integrated into your household, hiding under the bed or attacking your other pets.

If you're looking for solutions that will fix these behaviors and connect you more deeply to your pet, you're in the right place.

Meet Charlie

Charlie had severe separation anxiety – chewing through 2 crates and unable to be left alone for even one minute – and now separation anxiety is no longer an issue for him!

Meet Layla

Layla was an extreme barker who made it impossible for her pet guardians Taqwa and Scotty to have guests over to their home. Hear how Jennifer overcame their skepticism and helped to create a happier household!

1-on-1 Behavioral Coaching

Curious how I can help you and your pet? I evaluate your unique situation to determine how many sessions will be needed and the specific techniques to use. I'll help you understand exactly where you are and we'll set goals for exactly where you want to be. I work 1-on-1 with you and your pet, in person or virtually, providing a custom tailored coaching and support strategy with energy healing to help you resolve the issues at hand.

some of the many behaviors I can help you and your pet overcome:


photo of athena

Before working with Jennifer, I was extremely frustrated with my cat, Athena. An extremely friendly feline, Athena was always everyone's favorite pet, until she began peeing outside the box in our dining room, living room and into our heating vents.

This caused much stress for the entire family. I tried every product on the market for removing cat urine and for promoting a "calm" environment for the cat.

Nothing worked. I was about to ask the vet for Prozac for the cat, when I heard about Jennifer's Healing Touch work with animals. I had Healing Touch, myself, a number of years before, so I was familiar with the concept.

Jennifer met with our cat for a session, and soon thereafter, Athena stopped her unwelcome behavior. It has improved the quality of our household immensely. My husband, a usually calm person, is no longer threatening to get rid of my favorite pet, and we can once again have guests in the main rooms of our house without worrying about the odor of cat urine destroying an otherwise pleasant evening. I would recommend Jennifer's services to anyone with anxious or poorly behaved pets.

Dr. Audrey Rostov


photo of consuela

Consuela is markedly improved! Before she had no energy and just slept. She looked like she felt awful. But now?

She is much more alert, is curious about the other cats’ activities, and is definitely reminding them that she is still the boss. She is coming up to sit next to me on the couch and is sleeping on the bed again.

Claire Wilkinson


photo of harley

Thanks for your great work with our six year old West Highland terrier. Some might call him stuck up and aloof but those of us that know Harley realize he is just a sensitive guy with a penchant to introversion.

Before Jennifer’s sessions of Healing Touch, our offer of a cozy place on the couch next to us would go unheeded. It’s a different story now. Harley snuggles! Another change we’ve noticed is that he is more comfortable in his hind quarters.

This was an area he did not like touched perhaps out of sensitivity or insecurity. Bottom line, so to speak, is that Jennifer accomplished some remarkable changes in this dog in a short time. Thanks Jennifer!

Laurin McElheran, DC DABCO


photo of fiona

I wanted to let you know that a couple days after you worked on Fiona, she actually joined the other three dogs in some running play. I have never, ever seen her do that in the six years we've cared for her. I attribute it to the energy work you did with her.

This was a HUGE moment for her. She looked like she was having FUN. Brought tears to my eyes.

Ashara Morris, Certified Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® Coach


photo of Bo

Your unique training [for separation anxiety] has been a big help to us and Bo. You have been a wonderful caring person for Bo.

Dr. Ted and Phyllis Nehrenberg


photo of margarita

Our cat, Margarita, 9 years old and a real part of our family, was terrorized by a friend’s dog and began urinating in our home, something she had never done. She urinated on any pile of clothing left on the floor and simply wouldn’t stop.

Eventually she urinated on our bed and our boys’ beds. We initially thought she had a UTI; we had her treated with little to no effect.

We then called Jennifer. She worked with Margarita on 3 different occasions.

We were a little skeptical but not only did Margarita stop urinating in inappropriate places, but Jennifer did some additional work that has made Margarita even more loving and sweet. We are so thrilled, it has been over 6 months and it’s like it never happened! Thank you Jennifer, we love Margarita, and because of you we have our cat back!

Peggy and Patrick Mazzuca


photo of ginger

Before working with Jennifer, my husband and I struggled with the addition of our new cat, Ginger. We already had 3 cats when we adopted her. She stayed mostly under the bed in the master bedroom during the first couple of months. In the past, new cats adapted fairly quickly but this time, we were concerned that Ginger would never be a full member of our home. We felt sad about this because we love to interact with our cats.

Ginger now enjoys mealtime with the other cats and she snuggles with me on the sofa. My husband and I are both thrilled to see these changes in Ginger. We're getting to know her more, and it makes me smile to see her wandering around the house like she owns the place. We feel more connected to her now and she seems to enjoy our company as well!

Jennifer is a very warm, sensitive and insightful woman…and I highly recommend working with her if you're struggling to have a better relationship with your pet… I can't thank Jennifer enough for her understanding of cats and their humans. Even after years of introducing cats into our home, this situation was a challenge. Jennifer's guidance helped us, and Ginger and the rest of the crew, feel more settled with us and with each other. Thank you Jennifer!

Felicia Baucom

Health Support For Your Pet

Is your pet facing health challenges or nearing its time to cross the rainbow bridge? Through energy healing, I help strengthen your pets' immune system, eliminate toxins, as well as enhance and support their physical, emotional, and mental health and healing.


End of Life

* Energy techniques are designed to enhance the healing process and do not replace traditional medical or veterinary healthcare, medical diagnosis, or medical treatment for illness.

My own "Problem Children"

My cat, Indigo, has his behavior challenges. He periodically decides to meow at some ungodly hour before dawn to demand his breakfast. I keep this in check by using the Healing Touch for Animals behavior change protocol to reinforce how this meowing is unacceptable. And, of course, since many of our pet’s behaviors stem from our own actions, I re-train my husband periodically in how to react to Indigo’s meowy demands.

Not to be outdone in the challenge department, my cat, Tango (the cutie pie on my lap), stopped eating and had to have a feeding tube inserted in his neck to keep him alive. He was diagnosed with poor digestive motility, and the vet prescribed meds for him to be on – for the rest of his life. As a holistic healer, that did not sit well with me. I changed his diet, added supplements, and used energy healing to support his body to self-heal. When I tell people he’s 14, they are flabbergasted.

So, when my clients tell me how sad, angry, or frustrated they are with their dogs and cats, I get it.

It’s heartbreaking when your rescue dog hasn’t yet bonded with you, doesn’t know how to play with toys, and is afraid of everyone he meets. It’s painful to leave your dog home alone and know that he’s panicking, and that you’ll come home to a chewed-up door frame and neighbors threatening to get you evicted because he won’t stop howling. It can wreck marriages when your precious cat pees all over your partner’s expensive shoes and down into the heat registers; he wants to get rid of the cat, and you’re furious he can even have that thought. And it’s devastating when your pet is diagnosed with cancer or has been hit by a car.

You’re not alone It doesn’t have to be that way. You are in capable and compassionate hands when you work with me.

My Signature System

Using proven energy healing techniques I take a comprehensive look at your pet’s background and current life situation Your pet’s behavior, anxiety, and health do not function in a vacuum. Together we’ll dig into what’s holding your pet back from enjoying a happy, healthy life, and how we can change that.

How can you change what you’re doing if you don’t know a better way? I coach you in what you can tweak to bring about positive changes in your pet, and I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way. We all need encouragement from someone who understands what we’re going through and can keep us motivated.


Did you know that an estimated 30% of all pets have anxiety? Anxiety is a major contributor to “bad” dog and cat behavior, and yet many people are unaware of this. Clients all over the world call me their “Pet Therapist” because I solve fear issues in pets on an emotional and energetic level.


The energetic system is the most fundamental system in the body. It is where illness and disease first show up. When you address your pet’s energy system, you are positively affecting every aspect of their health, helping their bodies’ normal physiological responses to work as they should. Ultimately we all self-heal, from the inside out.


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